Everybody has some type of irrational fear. For example, arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is something all of us tend to suffer from. While being afraid of spiders is rather a common occurrence, other fears and phobias, like aulophobia, can be so unique and strange you never knew such a thing existed. Don’t know what aulophobia is? Look it up.  


For some people, the water, whether it be in a lake, ocean, or pool, is a major fear. Hydrophobia can become so bad for certain people that they transfer the fear to their children. By learning how to swim, regardless of age, anyone can have the skills to act properly if there were a situation where your safety is at risk.


Here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we offer adult swim lessons for this exact reason. Never had swimming lessons before? Here are some reasons why they are important.


Personal Safety


You never know when you might fall into water, which is why learning to swim is an essential skill to know. Through our adult swimming lessons, you’ll have a better understanding and ability of what it takes to survive in the water.


Children’s Safety


As a parent, it’s important to know how to swim as you may have to use this skill if your child falls into the water. While it’s our wish that this is never the case, you always want to be prepared, and we are here to help you learn. The sad truth is more than 3,000 people drown each year in United States. Swimming lessons could help save a life.


Good for Health


Not only is knowing how to swim a valuable skill, but it can also improve your health. With all of the motions that your body uses to swim, it provides excellent cardio and is one of the most exciting ways to exercise.


Our gym with a location in Mt. Laurel, is the best place for adults to learn how to swim in a comfortable environment. We offer three different levels for adults to choose from based on their skill set. To learn more about our adult swimming lessons or Zumba in Cherry Hill, we encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-875-2720.