Whether you’re new to lifting at our gyms in Camden County, or have been acquainted with heavy weight for quite some time, getting stronger isn’t always a simple equation. Strength is your ability to move something, and how easy that is for you. Specifically for fitness veterans, strength can seem to plateau at a certain point so even after achieving some body goals, it can seem like not doing enough.


While Strength isn’t something you can see clearly, its impact is clear on every-day life. Here are three unique ways to train for greater strength.


  1. Mix In Carries With Other Exercises– Whereas only specific athletes would train incorporating carrying weight a few years ago, trainers and fitness fanatics are reporting the changes that they notice in executing carrying exercises. Try varying your carry between the weight at rack height, waist height and above the head to include different muscle groups. These exercises can help to form more ‘3D’ strength, allowing the exertion of muscles from more angles.
  2. Rest-Free Rests– When you’ve put in your time on the tried-and-true strength models and you still don’t feel like you’re getting any stronger, try reducing the weight a bit and adding rest-free rests. A rest-free rest involves doing cardio instead of taking an actual rest after a set. For example, instead of sitting down for 60-90 seconds after a set of squats, try doing a set of jumping jacks between each set. When the cardio is concentrated on the worked muscle group, it encourages blood-flow, which carries nutrients (and strength gains) to the intended area. Rest-free rests also increase the stamina of a muscle group allowing you to hold weight longer and easier.
  3. Negative Sets– One of the oldest tricks in the book is still incredibly effective. Negative reps are sometimes used at the end of an exercise but an entire set can sometimes make a big difference. Let your lifting partner help you with the normal exercise and then slowly lower the weight for 5-8 reps. This recruits more muscle fibers into the exercise and allows you to work on stabilizing the weight.


Using these three strategies can make a difference in your quest for greater strength. To learn more strategies or to learn about our yoga classes in Cherry Hill, NJ, contact us online or stop in.