Making sure your children are comfortable around water starts by enrolling in swimming lessons. Here at Kennedy Fitness & Wellness, not only do we operate a state-of-the-art gym in Mt. Laurel, but we also have multiple locations that offer swim lessons for both children and adults.

Our comprehensive program helps make even the most inexperienced swimmer feel comfortable and ready to try out some new strokes. The child group swim lessons that we offer are among some of the most popular programs our members get to enjoy.

Teaching your children from a young age how to swim can be very beneficial. Here are three ways your kids will benefit from swimming lessons at Kennedy Fitness & Wellness.

1. Swimming Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s important for everyone, regardless of age, to stay active and healthy. Swimming provides your child with a great way to stay fit, as it’s a low-impact aerobic activity that uses all major muscles of their body. Swimming also helps your kid improve their posture, balance and can even reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

2. Swimming Helps Kids Socialize

Since we conduct our child swim lessons in a group setting, this provides your child a great way to meet new friends who are within their age group. You never know if your child could find his or her new best friend during one of our classes. Also, when your child is old enough for pool parties and beach trips, there will be nothing stopping them from participating.   

3. Swimming Boosts Confidence and Motivation

Just like anything in life, once your child has learned the basics of swimming, they become more motivated to learn new techniques. Whether that be a dive or challenging, new swim stroke, that accomplished feeling of success gives your child a confidence boost that translates both in the pool and out of the pool.         

On our website, you’ll find the different age groups that we separate kids into as part of our group lessons, and you can also find more information about our adult group lessons. Whether you are looking for one of the top fitness centers in Voorhees or are ready to enroll yourself or your child in swim lessons, Kennedy Fitness & Wellness has everything that you are seeking.