For the last several years, your weight has gone up and down like a perpetual yo-yo. You’ve tried the latest fad diets: you know, the ones claiming that cutting out all carbs or all fats will give you the body of your dreams in ten days or less. You’ve tried taking yoga in Haddonfield, NJ and running for miles each week. You’ve even tested out each of the machines at local

gyms in Washington Township and started a weight routine or two. Still, all of your efforts seem to have had no effect every time you step on the scale, and the five pounds you lost last week have returned once more. Does this sound familiar?

We all experience fluctuations in our levels of physical fitness and weight, and being overweight and obese is becoming a prevalent health issue in today’s society.  Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation circling mainstream media outlets, it makes it incredibly difficult to figure out how to achieve your goals. At Future Fitness Centers, we are staffed by the most highly certified and credentialed instructors, trainers, nurses, and other physical health professionals in the business. We know how to get results, and one of the easiest ways to get your physical fitness back on track is actually by improving your metabolism.

Many diets work against your metabolism and impair your body’s ability to process food correctly. Not eating enough of the right nutrient-rich foods can hinder your weight loss just as much as overeating can. To get you back on track this summer and stop the cycle, we have put together a list of the top five foods to kickstart your metabolism:


1.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:

This liquid is a fermented product of apple juice that contains healthy bacteria (called probiotics) that help to keep your stomach and digestive system operating at its best. Only raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar contains the enzymes, proteins, and probiotics that produce metabolic benefits though, so be careful not to grab any generic vinegar from your store shelf.


2.  Green Tea:

Known for centuries across Asia to have exceptional health benefits, green tea can help your metabolism by speeding up fat oxidation. While it only increases thermogenesis (the calories burned by the body’s digestion and food absorption) by a small percentage, it can make a difference when consumed regularly.


3.  Citrus Fruits:

Fruits like lemons and grapefruit help to protect your immune system. They alkalize your body naturally and slow down the rate of starch digestion, which prevents spikes and drops in your blood sugar.


4.  Cayenne Pepper:

The capsaicin found in cayenne pepper treats pain and tumor growth, and can boost your metabolism through thermogenesis. It also aids proteins inside of your fat cells that help to break down the fat. Not only does cayenne pepper burn calories and help you lose fat, but it can prevent the development of mature fat cells.


5.  Seaweed:

Seaweed contains a high level of iodine. Since your thyroid affects the way your body can gain and lose weight, and iodine increases your body’s production of the thyroid hormone, seaweed helps to enhances your metabolism.


Although kick starting your metabolism can help you hit your goals, it is important to note that there is no substitute for hard work.  Weight loss is a benefit of living a healthy lifestyle.  We know that maintaining a healthy diet and fitness routine can be difficult, and we’re here to help!

At Future Fitness Centers, we care about your health. We will work together with you to figure out the best diet and regimen for your body and lifestyle. We know that losing weight can be hard, so we try to make it fun with introducing our clients to new foods and activities. Start with small adjustments, stay focused, and with some hard work and determinations, we know you can achieve those goals!  For more helpful tips, or to sign up for yoga in Cherry Hill, NJ or hot yoga in Hainesport, NJ, you can contact us online or by calling (1-800) 875-2720 today.