For many people, finding the right fitness routine means finding activities that they enjoy doing. This makes it more likely for people to stick with the exercise program. Cardio dance classes are extremely popular, both for the social aspect and that dancing seems more fun than simply running on a treadmill.

The Benefits of Zumba Kennedy Fitness

ZUMBA® is one of the most popular kinds of dance-fitness classes and popular across the country. It has all of the health benefits of traditional cardio, with fun and excitement that makes it a unique fitness opportunity. We’ve put together a brief history of the program to help those interested in ZUMBA® in South Jersey discover if this is the program for them!

ZUMBA® is a Columbian-dance inspired exercise program that incorporates different international dance influences with martial arts movements, a type of fitness program, unlike any other. It’s a high-paced, fun, and fat-blasting program, with over 12 million participants each year. Best of all, the ZUMBA® moves can be easily modified, from beginner-level to expert, making it accessible for people of all fitness levels.

With all these benefits, people still wonder how ZUMBA® started and why it’s wildly popular.

According to the ZUMBA® website, the creation of this program by Alberto “Beto” Perez was a “happy accident,” and one that came about in the mid-1990s. On his way to teach an aerobics class, Beto realized he’d forgotten his music and had to make a fast substitution using tapes he had in his car. So, instead of the traditional, more repetitious types of aerobics, Beto instead led a class that was more dance-focused, keeping his surprised students moving and having a blast.

It’s kept its roots in Latin-inspired music and dance, although other influences, such as Bollywood-style music and moves, are also incorporated, giving it a more global appeal.

Inspired by his success, Beto refined and expanded his dance/aerobics program and eventually began teaching it as a separate type of fitness class. Yet another “happy accident” happened when Beto met two other fitness enthusiasts named Alberto — Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. The three further refined the dance-inspired aerobics class and dubbed it “Zumba,” a name that didn’t really have specific meaning but had the sound of a fun, exciting program. This combination quickly took off and became a staple in gyms and fitness centers throughout the world!

Unlike other types of exercise classes, ZUMBA® is designed to be low-impact while still efficient at calorie-burning and as intense as the participants are capable of. It can be suitable for all levels of fitness, even in the same class, which makes it great for gyms that have limited resources. At Kennedy Fitness, we’re passionate about helping all our members reach their fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss, increasing their daily movement, or improving their endurance and cardiovascular capacity. We embrace the fun and philosophy of ZUMBA®! Contact us today to learn more about our classes!