You’ve made it through the holiday season, and after countless parties and get-togethers with family and friends, the thought of going back to a crowded big-box gym can be too much to handle.

That’s why if you’re are looking to be a member of a fitness club in the New Year that promotes community and gives you the chance to do a complete turnaround in your weight loss journey, Kennedy Fitness and Wellness is the gym for you.

We offer a program, the 180° Weight Loss Transformation Challenge, that is 10 weeks long, and consists of teams three people competing against one another to either tone up or slim down. Teams meet twice a week for one hour to train alongside one of our nationally certified personal trainers. With this unique way to get in shape, you’ll be wondering why didn’t join one of our clubs early.

Here are a few benefits that you will reap by participating in our 180° Weight Loss Transformation Challenge at our gym in Marlton and our other locations as well.


By working out on your own, you run the risk of not holding yourself accountable. It can be pretty easy to take it lightly on a treadmill in the corner of a gym. However, in the team setting that you’ll experience apart of this program, you and your teammates are working together to not only make yourselves better but also show your competitors on the other teams who is the best.   

Personalized Training Tips

Our nationally-certified personal trainers understand how to push and motivate you to where you need to be in your weight loss journey. They are able to offer you personalized tips as you work out, as well as supply you and your team with weekly workout goals, nutritional advice and moral support.  

Fun Environment

Nobody ever said that working out had to be an agonizing task. With the community that you develop as part of this 10-week event, doing your daily fitness will become more fun and enjoyable. Being able to interact with your team, checking the weekly leader boards, and the overall support you receive help create a fun environment for all.        

To begin your weight loss journey and enroll in this challenge, contact one of our fitness centers in South Jersey to sign up!