Even the most disciplined fitness enthusiasts have days where they can’t make it to the gym. Especially during the summer, when you add beach days, family outing, and vacations to the mix, trying to balance all that AND get to the gym can feel downright impossible.  Though working out at one of the best gyms in Washington Township, Future Fitness Centers, gives you access to an incredible variety of equipment and group fitness classes, here are some tried and true exercises you can do outside of the gym, so you can keep your goals in check!

Burpees:  Hands down, one of the BEST full body exercises out there.  With every rep, you’ll get that heart rate up, while working your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs!  Start in a standing position, then get down in a low squat.  Place your hands on the ground then jump your feet back, so you’re in a high plank.  Then jump back into a low squat and jump up and extend your legs.  Make sure not to slack on the TWO squats you should be doing for each burpee.  Squat, plank, squat, jump!  You can add a push up after the plank, and for an extra challenge, try finishing up with a tuck jump.

walking planks

Walking planks:  Start in a high plank position.  Make sure your hands are directly below your shoulders, and have your legs extended all the way back.  Make sure your back is flat, and your rear end isn’t sticking up.  Then drop down onto your forearms, and back up to a high plank.  Your hips should stay square to the ground the whole time, so make sure to engage your abs; this way your hips won’t rock back and forth.  Repeat.


Surrender Squats:  Talk about feeling the burn.  These bad boys will work those legs HARD.  Start in a low squat position.  Angle your feet slightly out, and push your knees apart.  Keep your chest up, back straight, and place your hands behind your head.  Step each leg back on your knees, continue to keep your chest up, squeeze your glutes, and push your hips forward.  Step up to a squat, one leg at a time. Make sure to keep your chest up the entire time, and keep the squat low; your head should be at the same level whether you’re kneeling or up in that squat.  Go as fast as you can, and if you get tired, switch the order in which you step from one position to the next.


Jump Lunges:  Step one leg back to a lunge.  To avoid injury, make sure your knee is directly in line with your ankle on your front leg, and that your back leg is bent at a 90˚ angle, with your knee hovering just above the ground.  Keep your chest up, and engage your core as your push to jump up and switch your legs.  Make sure your legs are hip distance apart and keep your chest up the whole time.  Pick a focus point in front of you, this will help with your balance.

jump lunges

V-Ups:  This is one of the more challenging ab exercises, but really works your upper and lower abdominals.  Begin in a hollow hold position, on your back, with your legs 6 inches from the ground, and shoulders and head of the ground.  Reach your arms out straight above your head, and keep your back straight as you lift your legs and arms up to meet in the middle.  You’re essentially folding your body into a V, and lowering back down to your starting position.  Be sure your abs are engaged for the entire movement, and keep your arms and legs straight.  Don’t let your legs sink lower than 6 inches from the mat.  Try exhaling as you lift up, and inhaling as you lower yourself down.  If you’re not quite able to do this, don’t stress!  Try placing hands under your butt at first; you will still be working all those muscles, giving you a little help as you build up the strength to do the full version.


Spiderman Push Ups:  These are great for working your obliques, as well as your back, chest, arms, shoulders, and abs!  Start in a plank position, as you lower your chest down, bend one knee out and try to touch your elbow on the same side.  When you bend your knee, rotate it out, not under your chest.  As you straighten your arms to come up, bring your leg back out so you’re back in plank position.  Repeat with the opposite leg.  Try to keep your head up, looking forward, while keeping your hips low.


These are just a few of our favorite body weight exercises you can do when you can’t make it to the gym or get to class in time for yoga in Haddonfield, NJ.  We know it’s tough to keep fitness a priority sometimes, but with these workouts, you can do at home help to make things a little easier.  Don’t let the summer make those fitness goals disappear, get creative, and just keep moving!  Contact our knowledgeable staff of professionals here at Future Fitness Centers to find out how to get back into your fitness routine.