Ironically, many people are spending their time during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games firmly rooted to the sofa watching the world’s finest athletes going for those golden medals. While watching your favorite event is exciting, it should also provide the inspiration to keep you striving to achieve your own fitness goals – as well as the motivation to keep you coming to your fitness center.

So in honor of the games, here is a quick list of how to summon your own inner Olympian and let your flame burn brightly:

  1. Do what you love. Listen to the Olympic commentators talk about each athlete. Time after time, you’ll hear about how that particular competitor got his or her start in the sport. Usually, it was because the athlete was drawn to the sport at an early age. He or she loved running, swimming, gymnastics, etc. Find the workout program you enjoy, not the one you think you “should” be following. You’ll stay with it and benefit much more.
  2. Mix it up! Many athletes cross-train to work out different muscle groups and avoid burnout. If you’re a Future Fitness member, talk to your instructor or personal trainer to find the right workout program mix for you.
  3. Be goal-oriented. Of course, reaching the games was the ultimate goal of the Olympic competitors. But they set incremental goals along the way. Keep your “big picture” goal in mind – be it reaching your target weight or sculpting perfect abs – while establishing milestones of achievement. You’ll enjoy a series of successes that will keep you motivated!
  4. Be disciplined. Even when you do what you love, working out is still work! To get results, your exercise program needs to be an integral part of your life. When you’re at the fitness center, focus on your workout and make sure you get the most for your time and effort.
  5. Have a support network. Olympic athletes have the support of their families, coaches and many others to allow them the necessary time to train. While you many not need anything so elaborate, getting someone to watch the kids while you work out can be a big help. Fortunately, Future Fitness members have access to free on-site televised childcare at every location. We’re definitely on your team!

Future Fitness makes it easy to keep the Olympic spirit alive. During the games, there’s even no need to miss the excitement because you’re working out. Just watch it on our TV-equipped cardio machines while you go through your paces!