We all have a typical gym regimen that we carry out. Most of us have a clear preference between cardio, strength training, or sports training (like taking kickboxing classes in Mt. Laurel). Along with this preference comes a routine that we get used to and one that we almost never stray away from.

While this consistency is important and is essential to keeping ourselves physically strong and mentally fit, we do recommend that you think of your workout routines multi-modally. In that, we mean that you should consider implementing cross training.


What is Cross Training?

Cross training is the use of a developed exercise routine that incorporates several different methods of exercising to continue to develop a focalized facet of an athlete’s physicality.

For example, runners want to maintain high levels of cardiovascular fitness, so effective cross-training exercises for runners would be cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, elliptical, or strength training.


Why is Cross Training Important?

The utilization of various muscle groups and different workout routines can be massively beneficial for athletes at all levels. These benefits include:


Reduced Risk of Injury

Injuries can easily happen when a specific part of an individual’s body is overused consistently. With the repetition that comes along with doing the same exercises over and over again, individuals are more likely to overload vulnerable muscles and joints in their bodies such as knees, back, hips, elbows, feet, and more.


Better Overall Fitness

Cross training makes athletes more versatile. Instead of concentrating on just cardio or just strength training, this type of training will build strength while also building endurance. People will also more easily control body weight movements and improve overall functional capacity.


Increased Weight Loss

Because athletes will be targeting different muscle groups as well as different stabilizer muscles, they will be breaking down more muscle fibers that need to be repaired. This, in turn, will boost metabolism, making it easier to shed weight and keep it off.


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