Girl SpinningThis is true for all areas in life – work, at home, love, and education. And, it’s definitely true in health and fitness. We all have a dreaded exercise that we avoid like the plague. Some people hate weight lifting while others think that doing cardio is just a waste of time. However, these workouts are probably the ones you should be doing more than the others. Here’s why:

We hate pain: When we go to the fitness club we expect a little soreness after doing our aerobics, but the last thing any of us wants is to not be able to move the next day. A lot of the time the extreme soreness comes from doing an exercise wrong. The next time you’re doing an exercise like bench press or water aerobics, ask a Future Fitness Personal Trainer to make sure you have the right posture and technique. Minor improvements in form yield better results and less soreness.

Bad assumptions: Plenty of people, men especially, find cardio exercises, Yoga and Pilates to be a waste of time. Why do something like Pilates or Zumba when you would rather be doing the real exercises that show results, like strength training? Cardio does do plenty for you and it’s what actually burns body fat, whereas weightlifting builds muscle. You need both to reach fitness goals.

Also, we don’t like doing things we’re not good at. Simply put, when something is hard and we can’t get it right away, we usually quit to do something easier. I’m here to tell you that practice makes perfect, the longer you stick with something, the better you will get and the easier it will become.

In general, the hardest exercises are usually the best, both mentally and physically. So, the next time you’re at Future Fitness and you’re wondering what you should do, think of the hardest gym exercise and try it. Who knows, you might actually enjoy Pilates, Spinning or Yoga.