Every year as Christmas approaches, children are usually a lot more cautious about what they say and how they act towards other people – especially their parents! Of course, everyone knows that it’s because they want to be rewarded by Santa for their good behavior on Christmas morning. But what really encourages them to be nice, is knowing that Santa’s scout elves are serving as his eyes and ears in their very home!

The mere thought of misbehaving while the the elf on the shelf peers down encourages children to think twice before acting naughty. After all, those children that have been nice receive the presents they ask for, while those that were put on Santa’s Naughty List do not. Santa certainly means business up there in the North Pole!


Now, hopefully your child understands the seriousness of the situation so that Santa can reward them for being a good boy or good girl. However, at this point, it’s probably time to finally explain the truth…You know, the truth about how the elf was able to travel over 4,000 miles to your home – and especially, how he was able to climb up there on that shelf in the first place. I bet you and your child never thought about that!


At any rate, let’s show you how each elf was able to prepare themselves physically for the demanding journey across the cold, bitter arctic tundra.


First and foremost, the elves improve their flexibility and strength by participating in yoga classes together. By doing so, they also improve their stamina so they can have as much energy as possible leading up to Christmas Eve! Believe it or not – just a few years ago, three elves were actually seen at a fitness center doing yoga in Haddonfield, NJ!


Along with yoga, the elves also stick to a strict endurance training regimen in the North Pole. While emphasizing proper form and performing a high number of reps with low weight, they’re able to strengthen and tone all the muscles throughout their body. This way, they’re prepared to travel as far as they do every holiday season and, most importantly, strong enough to help Santa load up his sleigh! IMAGE SOURCE: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/74/2d/19/742d191f981b6e1350b6ed9f9705ffa5.jpg



IMAGE SOURCE: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/71/6c/7b/716c7ba89f08ca9a632b1fb90b098087.jpg


Lastly, every elf on the shelf performs aerobic exercises such as swimming, jumping rope, running and biking. In fact, an elf was actually spotted at a gym in Cherry Hill only a few days ago riding a stationary bike! These exercises help every elf increase his or her heart rate and, in turn, improve their overall cardiovascular fitness. Without breaking a sweat and performing cardio exercises on a regular basis, the elves definitely couldn’t do everything that Santa demands of them!

The point is, if every elf on the shelf didn’t focus as much as they do on improving their fitness and overall health, Christmas wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as it is every year. Whenever anybody commits to maintaining a healthier, physically active lifestyle, they’re able to accomplish things that they had previously thought were impossible! Regardless of age and especially size, fitness improves both our mental and physical strength, so we can make each of our dreams a reality!