Whether you’re an experienced racer or a newbie just breaking in that first pair of running shoes, fall is a wonderful time to hit the trails and enjoy the cooler weather and multi-colored changing leaves. Members of Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, who spent the hot, sticky summer taking kickboxing classes in the air-conditioned comfort of our Cherry Hill or other South Jersey location can now take their workouts outdoors and fill their lungs with fresh air — it’s a beautiful thing!

However, despite all its cardiovascular benefits and that famous “runner’s high,” running can quickly become monotonous if you allow yourself to fall into a rut. Doing the same thing every day isn’t just boring; it can stunt your fitness progress and even lead to injury.

Get maximum enjoyment from your fall running regimen by following our tips.

Set Different Goals

If you’re typically a road racer, try entering a trail run. If you tend to stick to 5Ks, sign up for a longer race. If you’ve been hesitant to register for any organized running event, now’s a great time to get that first one under your belt! There is no shortage of fun runs in the fall throughout the Philadelphia area, including breast cancer fundraisers, turkey trots and other holiday-themed races.

Shooting for a new goal will lead to new training habits, new surroundings, and a fresh outlook on fitness.

Pick A Partner

It can be more difficult to push yourself — or find the motivation to run at all — when you always have to do it alone. Encourage a friend or two to join you on runs or find a running group that meets in your area. They’ll help keep you committed and inspire you to take your running performance to the next level.

Vary Your Speeds

Longer, slower distance runs are great, but your overall performance will benefit from working in a few interval training sessions at the local track. Or, simply break up your long run into intervals, running at a faster pace for a given distance, then jogging for the same distance or taking walking breaks between periods of all-out effort.  

Start Weight Training

You might think weights just add bulk, but they’re really an invaluable tool to improve fitness performance and overall wellness. Lifting is also a lot of fun. Working out with weights two or three times a week can be a huge boost to runners. We highlight a few of the key benefits in this slideshow video:

There’s more to being a good runner than just tying up those shoes, plugging in your headphones and hitting the pavement. You can enhance your running experience in a big way with a few small habit changes, and by adding in some strength and flexibility work on the side.

If you’re interested in working with a personal trainer to incorporate weights into your workout routine or you’d like to register for a yoga class in Marlton, NJ, or another nearby area, contact Kennedy Fitness today!