Keeping up good health involves asking yourself a lot of questions and tracking what you do. How far did I run during my treadmill workout at the gym? How many calories were in that burrito I ate for lunch? Luckily, there are hundreds if not thousands of free apps out there focusing on simple solutions to our health and wellness related challenges.

Check out these two free apps designed to track exercise, calorie intake, weight loss and measurements and much more. And, while these are popular choices among the health and fitness community, Future Fitness is not endorsing them. We’ll leave that up to you! Check them out!

What if there was a way to take the fun of computer games and apply that to fitness? That’s the question Fitocracy answered by creating one of the web’s largest workout trackers and social fitness programs. With thousands of users and a social feed to keep up with what your friends are doing (and their progress), Fitocracy is making it fun to earn rewards for working out and keeping track of your fitness. And with a free app now available for iPhone and Android, it’s easy to track those reps in the gym.
Exercize app
calorie app

LoseIt! takes an integrated approach to health and wellness with its weight, diet, and fitness tracker. After setting weight goals and personal daily calorie budgets, the app lets you track calorie intake and burn, while also tracking your sleep and exercise, food group intake, and body measurements. You can even look at your data on a graph to track progress. The social features allow access to a support forum of friends and other LoseIt users, and social challenges let you choose whether to make your journey a competition or unconnected event. Lose it is available for iphone and Android.