Have your workouts become less challenging? Do you feel as if you’re longer getting the benefits? Or maybe you’re just plain bored? Then you may have hit the plateau. The place where your workout have become boring, routine and no longer challenge your body. Well have no fear, there is a cure!

Break your training into a series of periods: Look at your overall workout routine and break it into periods. Start by focusing on just one exercise and doing it correctly. As your body starts to get used to a regimen, change it. For example, if you’re running five miles on the treadmill—when the five miles start to seem easy, push it up to eight or ten miles This will have a strong and dramatic effect on your body.

Change wisely: Changes to your workout program shouldn’t just be a grab-bag of exercises to throw in or toss out. Instead of your usual workout, find exercises that achieve the same goal. If you’re working on cardio at your Fitness Center, instead of the treadmill, try a Spinning class. Or, if you’ve been doing step aerobics, try Zumba or review other exercise classes. At Future Fitness we offer a myriad of different programs, so that you can continue to get a good work out and break up your routine.

When weight training, you can start changing up your sets and weights. Instead of doing two sets of 10 reps, try three sets of eight with heavier weights. On the flip side, if don’t want to bulk up, you could stay with the same weight and do 15 reps instead of 10.

How often should you change? Experts recommend sticking with an new exercise for at least three weeks. This allows your body to adapt and start to undergo the structural changes. If you’re just beginning, allow a bit longer, 8-12 weeks, because generally beginners take longer to adapt.

Congratulations on reaching the plateau. It shows that you’ve made progress and are ready to move to the next level. Change your routine and you’ll keep seeing results. At our Future Fitness gyms, we have a wide variety of machines and programs that will keep you continually changing your routine and while never getting bored.