So you’re determined and ready to exercise. You have your music set up, you changed into your workout clothes and you are in the zone. We want you to stay in the zone. At Future Fitness, we focus on cleanliness and educating our members on best practices in a fitness club so you can stay in the zone and not worry about others’ actions.

Always Cleaning: sweating comes with the territory of working out, it’s unavoidable. At Future Fitness, members are required to have clean towels and our staff is constantly cleaning equipment after being used.

Don’t Interrupt: for a lot of people, the gym is a place where they escape the craziness of life and have time to themselves and get into a fitness rhythm. Any disruption of that focus will only anger them. If you must ask a question, wait for that person to finish their set before asking.

Put everything away: are you borrowing a mat for Pilates? Did you use the weights? Well remember once you’re done to return everything to the right place. There’s nothing more frustrating for a fellow gym member to want to lift weights and not being able to find the right weight because they weren’t returned.

Specific fitness centers might have their own rules, but these are just the basics recognized by Future Fitness and other gyms across the country. Following these best practices will make working out more enjoyable for everyone.