Everyone has a moment where they think to themselves, “why pay all this money to work out here when I could easily do this at home?” It’s no secret that there is some real money to be saved if you stick with an exercise regimen at home, but here are some reasons why in the long run, the money is well worth it.

Variety: most people have one or two machines tops at home, or rely solely on running or lifting free weights. However, nothing compares to the range and availability that Future Fitness has to offer. There are water aerobics, Pilates, Zumba, TRX training, swimming and other exercises to either bulk up or get toned. You just can’t get that with one machine at home.

Trainers: what separates Future Fitness from health clubs or your home routine are great trainers who can make sure you’re achieving results. Home might be convenient, however you won’t get the most out of your workout if you’re doing it wrong. Trainers are there to help make sure you exercise, eat right and stay motivated. And, every member at Future Fitness gets free personal training each month!

Motivation: it comes in many forms and the gym has many different motivators to choose from. Going to the health club will make you want to work-out hard. The variety of classes, equipment and gym facilities keep you interested. There are also many people at the fitness club with you, as a support group to help you get what you want. At home, where distractions like phone calls, kids, pets, chores and tv all compete for your attention, it’s difficult to stay on track and easy to not complete your full routine.

Those are just some factors, but the conclusion is that although the fitness centers can seem like a waste of money or time, it’s actually one of the best ways for you to get the healthiest and best workouts.