From time to time, we like to highlight fitness tips, opinions, and suggestions offered by our Future Fitness team members. This week we asked Christine Phillips in our Marketing Department to share with us her favorite fitness workout…

Hands down, my favorite fitness program is Budokon yoga. Founded in 2000 by yogic and marital arts master Cameron Shayne, Budokon is the first and only art form to integrate yoga, martial arts, and meditation into one complete system.

What is Budokon?
Budokon (bu-do-kon) translates directly in Japanese as (Bu) warrior, (Do) way, (Kon) spirit – or “way of the spiritual warrior.” It is a yogic, martial arts and living arts system.

What I love most about Budokon is that it promotes both strength and grace – while also delivering a rock solid core workout. Think the graceful movements of Uma Thurman’s fighting scenes in Kill Bill or the hypnotic choreography of Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – the moves are strong, fluid, challenging to master, and really beautiful to watch.

Some people might think that yoga and martial arts share little in common. In fact, many might say they’re like oil and water – yoga promotes peace and balance, while martial arts suggests combat and self-defense. I have to admit that when I first heard about Budokon yoga, I was pretty skeptical. However, what I discovered was that by combining yoga, martial arts, and meditation into one single fitness program, Budokon is one of the most unique, inspiring and kick-butt methods of training I have ever experienced.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so! Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Rene Russo, Amber Valletta, and Courtney Cox all swear by regular Budokon training.

Performed barefoot, expect lots of Sun Salutations, Down Dogs, and various yoga poses that strengthen the core, open the hips, and promote flexibility. Each 75-minute class also includes plenty of fast-paced kicks, fat-burning lunges and powerful squats that promote strength, endurance and self-reliance. Top it off with 10-minutes of standing meditation, you’ll leave feeling tighter, leaner, and invincible than ever – even after just one class! Practiced regularly, you’ll find that you’ll develop more strength and balance while learning to move your body in ways you don’t normally move.

Interested in giving Budokon yoga a try?
Budokon yoga classes are taught by John every Monday morning (8:15 am) and Tuesday afternoon (4:30 pm) at Future Fitness Centers’ Mullica Hill location. And while the workout can be incredibly challenging – an advanced practice can burn 600-900 calories per hour – don’t be intimidated! Each move and segment of the fitness program can be tailored or modified to accommodate any level of fitness and experience.

I hope to see you in class!