Aquatic exercise is all the rage as a new generation of fitness enthusiasts discovers its numerous benefits. Whether your goal is to improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, muscle strength, flexibility, blood circulation – or even your social life – following an aquatic workout program can help you achieve great results.

Also known as aquatic aerobics, aquatic exercise is ideal for the following:

  • Active baby boomers wishing to avoid further wear-and-tear on their joints through low-impact exercise
  • Those who have been inactive over the years but want to begin a fitness program
  • Those who have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or orthopedic disorders
  • Those who are unable to walk far enough to burn the necessary calories for losing weight

How it works: The buoyancy of water supports about 50 percent of body weight for a person immersed waist-deep, and 90 percent of body weight for a person immersed up to the neck. For this reason, aquatic exercise puts very little stress on bones, joints and soft tissues while still allowing for high levels of energy expenditure.

Also, water is a thicker medium than air. By moving in the water, the amount of resistance can range from 4 to 44 times that of air. This resistance can help in developing muscular strength and endurance for those who have been inactive, as well as helping to maintain strength for those who are currently active.

Other aquatic exercise benefits include:

  • Massaging effect – The hydrostatic pressure of the water on your body, joints, muscles and internal organs “massages” you while your exercise, greatly reducing the feelings of fatigue
  • Cooling effect – Because you’re immersed in cool water, you never feel overheated and sweaty
  • Social effect – Typically held in classes, aquatic exercise programs promote camaraderie among participants
  • Relaxation effect – Working out in water promotes a sense of general relaxation that eases the stress of daily life

Members of Future Fitness Centers can join one of our four fun aquatic workout classes. Experience for yourself the big difference that water exercise can make in your fitness level and sense of well-being. Any time is the right time for getting in the swim!