No matter which exercise program you choose to reach and maintain your fitness goals, achieving core strength is essential. In fact, a well-developed core region can help prevent the health issues and mobility limitations typically associated with aging.

So what (or where) is your core? It’s the musculature surrounding the center of the body – just imagine drawing a line circumferentially around yourself, starting at your belly button. Most of the muscles bordering this line are your core muscles.

Building core strength is important because these muscles all work together to stabilize the human body in space and motion. A strong, stable core can help to prevent injuries because stronger muscles supporting the spine, pelvis and shoulder joints can better handle the forces of rotation and compression.

Other benefits of core training include:

  • Reduces risk for low-back pain and injury
  • Improves posture
  • Prevents protrusion of lower abdomen – the “tummy” that can develop in middle age, regardless of your weight
  • Helps improve bowel function and reduces the risk of incontinence, as the pelvic floor muscles are part of the core

Of course, you can get to the core of great core training at any of our Future Fitness locations. Check out our Pilates Reformer program, which provides workouts that can be personalized to meet the needs of all age groups and physical activity levels. Sign up at the front desk for a free demonstration, and start building your core strength today!