We all want to improve our fitness and health levels, but it can be tough to figure out where to start, especially if you are new to being a fitness club member.  Should you focus on cardio, or weight training, do you want to lose weight, or build muscle?  What if you just want to maintain your weight, or just want a way to improve your overall health?  With so much false information and empty promises from huge franchise clubs and gyms in Washington Township, it’s hard to figure out where to go for help and information!

At Future Fitness Centers, we know that every person who walks through our doors is unique, and our goal is to help each person with their individual needs.  We provide monthly nurse evaluations that can help you figure out where to start, and track your progress as you go!  The nurse checks a number of factors for you, which are all laid out clearly in your print out of your personal profile.  You’ll see where you fall among others of the same sex, in your age range.  Based on your results, you will be show tips to help you improve in whichever areas you need to work on.  Your evaluation will cover the following health areas:

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the measure of the pressure exerted by blood on your arteries.  There are two different measures of blood pressure: systolic (higher number), and diastolic (lower number).

The systolic pressure reflects the force on your arteries when your heart contracts, forcing a large volume of blood into your arteries.  The diastolic pressure is the measure of the force on the arteries when your ventricles are relaxed, and your heart is filling with blood.

In English Please… Basically, your blood pressure is the numerical indication of how hard your heart has to work to keep blood pumping through your body.  If your health assessment indicates that you have high or low blood pressure, your evaluation will include tips and suggested exercises for you to improve it.


Muscles are for more than flexing for selfies, who knew!?  Muscular strength is very important to your overall health & fitness. Adequate levels of strength are necessary to perform your daily routines at home & work, without excessive fatigue or stress.  Higher levels of muscular fitness also reduce the incidence of lower back pain & injury to the musculoskeletal system.  Strong muscles also assist your cardiovascular system in sustaining physical activity.


Flexibility is the ability to move a joint fluidly through its complete range of motion. It is vital for your health and fitness.  Flexibility is decreased when muscles become short and tightened with disuse, causing an increase in injury and strains.  If you need to improve your flexibility, yoga in Haddonfield NJ can help you to increase your range of motion.

Body Composition

This is one of the most valuable pieces of information to have about yourself if you’re looking to improve your health.  Body Composition refers to the relative proportions of body weight in terms of lean body mass & body fat.  Lean body mass represents the weight of muscle, bone, internal organs & connective tissue.  Body fat represents the remaining fat tissue.  Accurately calculating these components is essential to knowing your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMI).  Your BMI indicates the amount of calories your lean body mass uses each day.  If you’re trying to lose weight, knowing your BMI can help you set reasonable and healthy caloric deficits, creating a diet that will allow you to reach your goals safely!

High levels of body fat are associated with high blood pressure, increased levels of blood fats & cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, diabetes & certain cancers.  On the other hand, extremely low body fat can cause the development of such medical conditions as heart damage, gastrointestinal problems, shrinkage of internal organs, immune system abnormalities, reproductive system disorders, loss of muscle tissue, damage to the nervous system, abnormal growth & even death.

Body Age

Body Age is calculated from the results of your assessments and how you compare with others of your same age and sex. Your body age should be at least the same as your chronological age.  Your obtainable body age is what you can realistically reach with a well-rounded wellness program.  We’re basically offering you the fountain of youth here … you’re welcome!

Obviously, when it comes to staying fit, only YOU can make it happen, but at Future Fitness Centers, our exceptional staff of professionals can help you understand the science of fitness, and set you up for real success.  As a Future Fitness Member, you get a FREE nurse evaluation each month.  All the details outlined above are included in your Personal Profile.  You will also receive a data summary that will show you the progress you’ve made since your previous visit.  These evaluations will help you track your progress, ensuring continued success, month after month!