It’s certainly nice to have the entire family together during the holidays. If the kids spend their end-of-year break from school lounging around the house or sitting on the couch playing video games and tinkering with their tablets and smartphones, that’s OK. Everyone deserves some time to relax!

But the long winter months will seem even longer if that lounging and relaxing continues through January, February, and March. Finding ways to keep your kids active won’t just benefit their health — it will help keep you sane! 

If they’re too young to come along to one of our yoga classes in Mt. Laurel, or they’re not already involved in a winter sport, here are a few ways you can inject more activity into their lives during the cold-weather months. 

Set Limits

Some “screen time” doesn’t hurt, but electronic devices shouldn’t consume all their attention or every hour they spend at home. Come up with a reasonable limit that works for you and your child, then balance their use of electronics or time spent in front of the TV with a physical activity of their choosing. Brainstorm different activities with them and offer to take part, when possible.

Blend Technology With Activity

There are plenty of options for active video games that can give kids a great workout while satisfying their need to stay constantly plugged in. Whether you purchase an athletic or dancing game they can play on their home gaming system or plan a trip to a virtual reality arcade where they’ll use their entire body as a controller, they’re sure to get a kick out of breaking a sweat!

Organize Outings

Imagine the priceless family memories you can create on the ski slopes, at a local ice rink, or on a neighborhood sledding hill! Despite the sometimes bone-chilling temperatures, winter is a wonderful season for outdoor activity. If cold and snow isn’t your thing, consider planning an excursion to a bowling alley or any indoor entertainment venue in your area — there are water parks, go kart tracks, mini golf courses, trampoline parks, and playgrounds where kids can run free without freezing, and the entire family can have a blast.

Sign Them Up!

Every community offers winter sports programs, from basketball to gymnastics to ice skating, and you’re bound to find something your child will enjoy with a simple internet search or a quick visit to your local fitness center.

If you have younger kids, winter is a great time to start teaching them to swim, or to continue their aquatic education. At Kennedy Fitness, we offer a wide range of aquatic programs for all ages, including Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). We’ve outlined some of the benefits of our winter swimming lessons in this slideshow video:

For more information about our swimming lessons or any of our other youth-friendly fitness programs, to inquire about a family membership, or to sign you and your teens up for kickboxing classes in Camden County and the surrounding region, contact Kennedy Fitness today.