Fitness legend Joe Weider – still going strong at age 92 – gives it an enthusiastic recommendation. MMA stars and action movie actors swear by it. And hometown heroes like firefighters and law enforcement officers use it to maintain the physical strength and endurance they depend upon.

“It” is kettlebell training. Touted by those who’ve discovered the many advantages that working out with kettlebells achieve, kettlebell strength training is gaining in popularity as a great supplement to an existing fitness program.

What is a kettlebell? Imagine a bowling ball with a luggage handle attached at the top, and you get the basic idea. Or if you’re a Future Fitness member, just visit the weight training room of your favorite location – you’ll see them readily available. But don’t expect to find kettlebells in just any fitness center. More about that latter.

Two kettlebells are the basic equipment for exercises designed to increase muscular endurance, lose fat, and build size and strength. In addition, proponents claim that kettlebell training will help you develop joint and ligament strength, which is even more important than building muscles for long-term health and fitness benefits.

So why work out with kettlebells instead of dumbbells? Kettlebell training enthusiasts note that kettlebells are harder to handle – which in the case of strength training is a good thing. Because their handles are much thicker than dumbbells, kettlebells also help to significantly improve your grip. Plus, their off- centered weight will force you to use more stabilizer muscles and work the targeted muscles through a longer range of motion.

Other benefits include improving the ability to absorb shock efficiently – hence its popularity among combat sports pros – as well as improving the ability to function on a daily basis. Whether you follow a kettlebell-focused program or just incorporate kettlebells into your existing fitness program to keep your workout fun and interesting, this dynamic piece of training equipment offers something for everyone.

To learn the proper use of kettlebells, the enthusiasts agree that an experienced instructor is essential. This is why not every fitness center includes them. The instructors and trainers at Future Fitness, of course, can show you how to get the most out of kettlebell training, which is incorporated into many of our weight training classes. Just sign up, and start feeling the results that everybody’s talking about!