lose weightTo say this was a rough winter is an understatement. After spending so much time stuck indoors, South Jersey residents are delighted that spring is here. Winter brought some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in more than two decades, record snowfalls and unfortunately for many of us added inches to our waste line, too.

With a little bit of attention, you can not only lose the excess winter weight, you can also get your body back in shape for the summer season.

If you’re on a mission to lose weight fast, make sure you aren’t ruining your efforts with one of these common mistakes:

Eating too many bad carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight, one of first things you should do is reduce your intake of bad carbs. Avoid white breads, fried foods and processed foods as much as possible. Choose more healthy fats like nuts in small quantities, and increase your intake of vegetables.

Doing the same thing all of the time. Your body gets used to the same routine. Add variety to your workout by increasing the intensity or duration of your exercise. Try cardio workouts at a higher intensity. See our Aerobic/Cardio classes. Getting your heart rate up in surges picks up your metabolism and burns those calories.

Your calorie math is wrong. Most people have a tendency to overestimate the calories they are burning and underestimate the calories they take in. For every pound you want to lose, you need a shortage of 3,500 calories. Create the 3,500 shortage with a combination of less calorie intake and an increase in calorie burn with exercise. Head to the gym for a double effect – exercising and keeping you out of the house, away from tempting foods.

Not getting enough sleep. Let’s get straight to the point here – missing sleep increases your stress level and makes you hungrier. If you want to lose more fat, get more sleep! Your body will be able to operate at its best!

If you find yourself stuck with excess winter weight, give your body some spring cleaning by following these tips in this post. So go ahead, Spring in to action!