Fitness gurus tend to debate exactly how much your personal nutrition impacts your overall fitness goals. The most conservative estimates claim nutrition accounts for half of what it takes to achieve your aesthetic goals, others claim it can be up to 90% of what makes the difference. Overall, everyone agrees, fueling your body properly is crucial in fitness.


Meal prep is nothing new; humans have been packing lunches and monitoring nutrition for centuries. In recent years, a number of celebrities known for their image have spoken out about how and what they eat. One of the most notable accounts of this was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s meal plan (which includes 44 oz. of cod). More and more people are getting serious about preparing their meals beforehand to achieve the level of nutrition they need.


Here are a few tips for getting your meal prep right.


Plan to Prepare


Hit the books or speak to one of our nutritionists at our fitness centers near Moorestown. Research the caloric and nutritional needs of your transformation. Do you need high-protein? Low Carb? Low Fat? These answers may seem obvious at the outset, but you may be surprised to determine that what you need nutritionally to gain muscle or lose fat isn’t that obvious.


Spend time figuring out what you’re most likely going to eat and how to prepare your food in a way that you can enjoy. Don’t be afraid of adding a bit of seasoning to your meals; it’s reasonable to want to enjoy your food. You’re better off adding a few calories or sugar to your meals instead of taking an unplanned snack.


Budget your time. Set a date to go shopping (with a list) and a date to cook.


Use The Proper Resources


Purchase a reliable food scale to weigh your food so you don’t end up ‘eye-balling’ your carbs. Order high-grade, BPA-free containers to store your food and make reheating a cinch. Make sure you have more containers than you think you’ll need, it’s easy to lose, break or melt your food storage. Containers should also be stack-able to make organization as easy as possible.


Ease In


Just like with starting a fitness regimen, you can come into it with a full head of steam only to burn yourself out in a matter of days or weeks. Starting a seven-day, breakfast through dessert plan should be something you work your way up to, not your first week. Start off planning 3-4 days of two meals; you’ll still be able to note a change (especially if you control your diet on your off-days), and as you gradually extend your plan it won’t seem as difficult.

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Achieving your fitness goals isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s hard work and dedication that get you where you’re going. If you need a little extra help getting there, it’s never a bad idea to inquire about personal training programs in Camden County.