At Kennedy Fitness & Wellness, senior citizens are getting their hearts pumping and their muscles working at one of our fun and healthy senior population classes!

Senior Populations classes are specially modified guided fitness courses that are safe for senior citizens and can help older men and women remain active while living out their golden years. At our gym in Mt. Laurel, a team of Arthritis Foundation certified instructors create modified classes and workouts that seniors can safely participate in while still maintaining all of the fun and excitement of our standard level classes.

Some of the modified classes that we currently have available include Hydro-Pilates that are easier on the joints, Zumba Gold classes that focus on dancing at a level that seniors can enjoy, and even Arthritis Foundation Exercise Programs that focus on relieving pain from the joints and muscles.  

As you age, exercise becomes increasingly important in maintaining both psychological and physical strength. Cardiovascular exercises increase the strength of the heart, which leads to better blood flow to the brain and a decreased risk of developing heart problems. Exercise can also improve a senior citizen’s coordination and balance, which can help him or her prevent falls and slips, which are one of the top causes of injury in the elderly.

Finally, exercise has been found to improve the symptoms of pain typically associated with arthritis, especially aquatic exercises that lessen the amount of stress on the knees and other joints.

Do you or someone you love need to get back into the swing of things with Senior Population classes? When comparing fitness centers in Voorhees, make the choice that’s as safe as it is fun! Give Kennedy Fitness & Wellness a call today at 800-875-2720 for more information or to sign up for a class today!