Every parent understands the heart-wrenching panic that ensues the very moment you realize your child is missing or in danger. There are almost too many concerns for parents nowadays; with the multitude of potential hazards a child might encounter. Having to worry about one less thing can be a big relief, especially when it is something that kills hundreds of children each year.

Almost 3,000 Children a Year are Treated in Emergency Rooms for Near-Drowning Incidents.

While not all submersion accidents are fatal, victims lucky enough to survive one are often left suffering from permanent brain damage.  At least ten people a day die from unintentional drowning accidents, and at least two of them are children under the age of 14.

Even more disheartening, most children who drown are very young, and are under supervision by their parents. Unlike other accidents that are only likely to happen while parents are not in the vicinity of the child, drowning can occur in familiar surroundings, at any time, and in under five minutes.

Of all children who tragically fall victim to submersion incidents, sixty-three percent are four years old or under: A staggering three-hundred and fifty each year nationwide.

Fatal Child Submersion is a Silent Death.

More often than not, a child who is drowning (especially an infant or toddler) will not thrash to alert imminent danger. During a submersion accident, a child’s lungs can rapidly fill with water as they gasp (attempting to breathe in air and subsequently sucking in more water instead), taking only a few moments to enter serious trouble.

ISR Can Save Your Child’s Life:

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is a national program that was created to help parents prevent their child’s inadvertent drowning. ISR lessons have been acclaimed as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons worldwide, because they focus on customized care for each infant, education for parents and fostering a healthy relationship with water rather than fear.

Future Fitness Centers has certified instructors who are able to teach your child how to survive in the water until they can make it to safety or be rescued. Before or after your child’s ISR lessons, you can take part in one of our other classes, like pilates or hot yoga in Hainesport, NJ.

We have gyms in Washington Township, and five other locations throughout South Jersey, so you can find a location nearest to you. We offer ISR lessons in our Medford, Mount Laurel, and Mullica Hill locations.

Our instructors for ISR lessons each complete an eight-week training program that tests them academically, as well as in the water. Once they pass the test, our instructors are regarded as aquatic behavior specialists, who are able to apply their understanding of a young child’s unique cognitive and physical development to providing the safest and most efficacious lesson for your child.

If you are a parent of a child (or children) aged six months up to six years old, you will have the opportunity to sign up with one of our erudite instructors to begin ISR lessons at Future Fitness Centers. You can read more about the ISR lessons we offer at https://www.futurefitnesscenters.com/programs/infant-swimming-resource.php.

If you are interested in our pilates sign up in Moorestown, our zumba classes in Cherry Hill or yoga in Haddonfield, NJ, feel free to visit us online at: https://www.futurefitnesscenters.com/.