Salsa Spin with Sandra V // Wednesdays @ 6:15pm: Take a ride south of the border with a heavy Tabata style spin using Latin music to inspire your whole body to be motivated


Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise Program with Loretta // Mondays @ 9am: A gentle, warm water exercise program for people with arthritis. Activities are tailored to your abilities and skill levels. You don’t need to know how to swim. Classes are 1 hour long. They meet in local pools two to three times a week for 8–12 weeks or longer. You’ll do activities like gentle stretching, breathing, and light aerobics. AFAP can help you: Move easier, with less pain, and feel stronger, fitter and more flexible.


HITT Ride // Tuesdays @ 6:15pm:  Join Sheila for a groovy 60s style ride adding HITT and endurance skills to keep your body in far out shape”  



Reiki Ride // Wednesdays @ 5:30pm with Roseanne: “Burn away the stress and body fat with a highly enlightened energy ride that will soothe your mind, body and soul”


Yin Yoga // Tuesdays @ 8:30am with Donna D:  Unlike Yang style yoga, Yin Yoga does poses on the floor, maintaining a long and extended stretch: gravity does the work.  Yin cultivates body awareness, cultivates stillness with a more meditative approach.


30 Minute Strong by Zumba® // Thursdays @ 10:15am with Katie Bell:  If you’re looking to ramp up your strength and change your physique, come out and try this class!  1/2 STRONG by Zumba® 1/2 regular Zumba® Dance!  Starts 2/7




Tabata Spin // Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm with Beverly:  “Get your legs rocking with this high intensity Tabata style ride where 30 second intervals can change your life”