Kristin Phillippi

Teaches in: Mount Laurel

Kristin enjoys teaching high-energy spin classes!  Don’t be surprised to climb many hills, balanced with sprints, fast flats and a variety of jumps.  You WILL leave sweating!  Kristin crafts diverse playlists for her classes, ranging from her favorite 80’s and 90’s hits to alternative and hip hop as well as current popular tracks.  She enjoys putting “theme” playlists together as well!

Mount Laurel, Every other Tuesday @ 6:15pm





Connie Foster

Teaches in Mount Laurel

Connie teaches a high intensity class focusing on strength building and endurance training with fun music that will turn up the summer heat.

Mount Laurel, Every other Tuesday @ 6:15pm




Sabring Castro

Teaches in Cherry Hill

Sabrina will give you an intense “ride to rhythm” of motivation and contemporary music. Sabrina’s class never fails to inspire, motivate and bring out the best effort for her riders. A mixture of sprints, climbs and Tabata style drills crafted throughout years of experience will always leave you with a challenging ride.

Cherry Hill, Wednesdays @ 9:30am