Maintaining a fitness regimen isn’t always easy. When you work out by yourself, it’s easy to skip a day here and there for any reason you deem necessary. Working out with a partner significantly increases your chances of maintaining a schedule and making measurable progress towards your fitness goals. Whether you choose to take group yoga classes in South Jersey or simply take a few walks a week with a coworker during the lunch hour, most people find that it’s easier to get in shape with someone else. A strong partnership means an extra boost of motivation and hopefully, someone who can take notice of your improvements.

There are three different types of work-out groupings that are proven effective: The Buddy System, The small group and the couple collaborative. With Valentine’s Day coming up we’re going to cover the benefits of working out as a couple in case you need a few reasons to get your significant other to come to the gym with you this February.

Couples who decide to get active together are much more likely to attain their goals and maintain them. The department of Kinesiology at Indiana University discovered something incredible in a study in 2011: Couples who began working out together but at separate times had a dropout rate of 43% over a year, couples who worked out together at the same time, even if they weren’t doing the same exercises had a dropout rate of 6%. Slightly less than half of couples who both go to the gym but not together, don’t maintain a habit for even a year. 19 out of 20 couples who go to the gym together continue going for at least that long. There is no other system that reliably produces a fitness habit with as much success.

Aside from the major benefit of maintaining a healthier lifestyle longer and more effectively, working out with your significant other can have benefits outside of fitness. Working out together grows bonds emotionally. Sharing in a struggle to redefine your strength, waistline or general fitness builds a shared sense of determination and a deeper emotional connection. The release of endorphins you experience during and following a run, lift or other activity helps you open up to one another physically and mentally.

Working out with your significant other builds habits and strengthens bonds. It means a better home life and that you can feel better about your body with your partner. You’re more likely to maintain a work-out schedule if you feel a commitment and responsibility towards another. It also leads to a deeper sense of validation between partners, important in any relationship.

When you want to take your loved one to our new gym in Cherry Hill, NJ, just let them know that 94% percent of couples who work out together, stay together… at least in their workouts. If you have questions about any of our locations or services, give us a call or stop by one of our six locations across South Jersey.