One of everyone’s favorite summer pastimes, is hanging out by the pool and taking a dip in the water to cool off. Parents and children alike can enjoy swimming safely this summer with Future Fitness Centers swim lessons, Infant Swimming Resource course, aquatic classes, and Sunday Family Swim. At our gyms in Washington Township, anyone can learn how to swim regardless of their age.

We have lessons and classes for everyone, including infants and the elderly. While you take one of our classes (like yoga in Haddonfield, NJ), your children can learn water safety and how to swim with our certified aquatics instructors. Bring the whole family on Sundays from 1-4pm, for Family Swim in our Medford and Mullica Hill locations!  If you are interested in signing up for Future Fitness Centers swim lessons, we encourage you to email our Aquatics Department to schedule lessons, at [email protected].

Because we care about the health and safety of you and your family, Future Fitness Centers has created a list of the five most important summer swim safety tips to follow.


Future Fitness Centers Top 5 Summer Swimming Safety Tips


1. Never Leave a Child Unattended: The first and most important thing to remember about summer safety is not to ever let your guard down and leave a child unattended near water. It doesn’t matter how comfortable the child might feel with being in the water because it only takes a few minutes to drown. If a body of water has a lifeguard, it is important to still watch your child. While a lifeguard can potentially save your child’s life, they have a lot of people to look after, and you don’t want your kid to be the one that was missed slipping under the water.

2. Teach Your Child to Ask Permission: It can be beneficial for your peace of mind to teach your child to ask permission before they try to enter a pool, lake, or the ocean. Depending on their age, you may want to try a technique that we use in teaching water safety: tell your child that he or she must always look into your eyes when they ask you to go swimming. If they don’t see your eyes and you are not absolutely aware of their intention, then they should not be allowed to enter the water.

3. Only Swim in Familiar Waters: Do not swim in natural bodies of water that you are not familiar with. Not knowing the current and tides can pose exceptionally dangerous to swimmers of all shapes and sizes. Do not enter the water when signs are posted to announce that swimming is prohibited in that area. Rip-currents, undertows, and riptides can happen unexpectedly and can lead to a high risk of drowning.

4. Don’t Panic When in a Rip-Current: If you are caught in a rip-current try to relax. Panicking only leads to shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and faster exhaustion. Stay calm and swim or walk in a diagonal (almost parallel) direction to the shore. If you do this, you will get out of the rip current and back to safety.

5. Stay Clean in Pools: Hygiene is important, especially when many people are sharing one communal body of water, so always shower before entering the pool. Whatever you do, avoid peeing in pools and hot tubs! All organic compounds (including those found in your sweat and urine) react with the chlorine used to keep pools clean, and produce toxic chemical gases (which is where the strong smell actually comes from).

At Future Fitness Centers, we avoid the issue of these harmful gases altogether by providing salt water pools to our customers. If you came from
yoga in Cherry Hill, NJ or hot yoga in Hainesport, NJ and need to cool off, just remember to help keep our pools clean by showering and using the restroom before going for a plunge in the deep end.

Enjoy summer swim safety with Future Fitness Centers this summer! We have pools in locations throughout Southern New Jersey with the best trainers and physical fitness experts to help you stay safe while you get in shape this year. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (1-800) 875-2720 today.