The gym is a place where people from all walks of life, with fitness goals as varied as their personalities, can come to get stronger, learn new skills, or just blow off a little bit of steam at the end of a long day. Members of Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate have access to a diverse fitness community, a vast array of equipment, and a long list of unique gym services. In other words, we offer a little something for everyone!

Part of what makes a great gym is the courtesy that members show each other. As we rush to get our workouts in and get on with our lives, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and let our gym etiquette slide. If you suspect that has happened to you, don’t worry. We’ve put together a little refresher course!

Here are some key do’s and don’ts for being a good neighbor at the gym.

DO: Keep it Clean

Bad hygiene is bad health. It’s that simple. Yes, the point of working out is to spill some sweat, but you don’t have to spill it on everyone in the room. Check out this slideshow video for a few simple ways you can practice better hygiene in the gym.

DON’T: Hog Equipment

Even in the most well-equipped gym, the equipment is meant for all members to use. Be willing to share, whether it’s allowing another person to work in some reps in the squat rack, or limiting yourself to 30 minutes on the treadmill during peak traffic times. Store your belongings in the locker room, and don’t leave your gym bag or water bottle on benches or equipment to “save” them. Additionally, if you take equipment to another location in the gym, always put it back where you found it when you’re finished.

DO: Respect the Space

Being mindful of other people — and their personal space — is a huge key to good gym etiquette. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they’re using a piece of equipment before jumping on it and beginning your workout. Ask people around you before changing the channel on the TV. Wait for someone to finish their reps before walking into the area to get something. Look around you before performing any big movements to make sure you have enough room and won’t hit someone. To put it simply, stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

DON’T: Get Too Loud

This isn’t a library – No one expects you to stay completely silent when you’re working out. However, yelling, grunting, dropping weights, talking loudly on the phone, or blasting your music could be considered disruptive and inconsiderate to other members.

DO: Put the Phone Down

A lot of people use their cell phones to play music while they’re working out. There’s no problem there! However, scrolling through social media, taking selfies, or making calls while occupying a piece of equipment during a high-traffic time, is something you should avoid doing to be respectful to others. 

DON’T: Test out Your Newest Pick-up Line

Socializing with fellow members is part of what makes going to the gym fun! But the gym is not a place to try out your favorite pickup line on the unsuspecting ladies, or men, who are just there to get a workout. Stay respectful of others’ boundaries. Save the flirting for the night club — or at least the parking lot!

Here at Kennedy Fitness, we believe that common courtesy sprinkled with a little bit of extra vigilance creates a productive and fun gym atmosphere for all members. Come visit one of our seven locations and see why we’re a leading gym with a pool in the Turnersville, NJ, area, or contact us to inquire about membership.