Mullica Hill Training PictureIt’s time for some health club tips to keep you motivated to reach your future fitness goals. It’s hot outside and you’ve worked hard at the fitness center all winter for your killer beach body so it’s just smooth sailing from here, right? Wrong! This is the time when you have to make as much of your gym membership as much as you did on day one.

Tip #1: Set dates –  It’s good to reach your goal for the summer, but what about your future fitness goals for the Fall or Winter? Working towards a date will help you reach the finish line as well as make practical benchmarks to hit along the way. Pick a certain date to take pilates classes or aerobics that are part of your gym membership. Centering these dates around birthdays, holidays and vacations are a great way to have dates throughout the year that you can work towards.

Tip #2: Keep your fitness goals realistic – Expecting lofty goals is admirable, but you also have to set goals that you know you can achieve. Try swimming laps until you are able to swim 50 laps freestyle continuously, or adding water aerobics alongside your pilates classes in 3 weeks, or maybe visitng your local gym or health club one more day each week. 

Tip #3: Discuss your future fitness goals with a professional –  Each Future Fitness Center (Cherry Hill, Berlin, Mullica Hill, Turnersville,  or Mt. Laurel) has a team of personal trainers ready to help you with your gym membership, workouts, and pilates classes. Gym membership even includes a free hour of personal training each month. Our trainers can tailor a fitness plan that just for you, and can help you achieve your future fitness goals.

The biggest reason why people yo-yo is they slack off and revert back to old habits once they accomplish their goal of  getting to a certain fitness level . Make sure to be vigilant and always work towards something.