It’s the most delicious time of the year, and if you’re trying to lose weight, get in better shape by taking kickboxing classes in Camden County, or just maintain your current healthy lifestyle, Thanksgiving can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many opportunities to break good eating and exercise habits and begin sliding into bad ones as the holiday season gets into full swing.

The team at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate has put together this little Thanksgiving “survival guide” to help you resist temptations and stay on track. Read on, and if you’d like to inquire about membership, our personal training services, or any of our fitness programs, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Make Time for a Workout

There’s a lot to do on Thanksgiving Day, whether you’re playing host or heading out of town. However, clearing time in your hectic schedule for a good workout will make a huge difference in how you feel — not to mention how you think — when it’s time for your big family dinner. Wake up early and hit the gym, sign up for the local Turkey Trot, or just take a sunrise walk. You’ll embark on the big day with a revved-up metabolism, more energy, and an upbeat attitude, which never hurts at a family gathering!

Come Prepared

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, you don’t have to feel powerless just because you’re out of your element. Arm yourself with the right tools, and you can be a gracious guest while maintaining your commitment to good health.

We’ve put together a short list of these tools in the following slideshow video. Take a look!

Eat Slowly

Everything looks so good, and you only get to eat this stuff once a year! But resisting the urge to wolf down mashed potatoes at breakneck speed could save you from overeating. When you consume food too fast, your body doesn’t have time to register that it’s full. Studies have shown that eating slower leads to overall fewer calories being consumed.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Alcohol, soda, and other sugary drinks add hundreds upon hundreds of calories to a meal. Limiting your consumption of these beverages gives you more wiggle room for indulging in all the mouth-watering food on the table — and will help you feel a lot better when it’s time to wake up and go for a workout the next morning! Be sure to drink water throughout your meal, as well, to keep your body hydrated, and your stomach satiated.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you start the day with a plan and find that you’ve veered off course, it’s important to remember: You can always start over! So you overindulged at dinner, so what? You don’t have to “throw in the towel,” give up altogether, and just keep eating until you’re ready to burst. Pause, breathe, relax, and listen to your body. Instead of going back for more helpings or stuffing down dessert, ask for a doggie bag you can enjoy later when you’ve had a chance to digest and recover.

Thanksgiving is a time to savor delicious food, but also to soak up precious time with friends and family. Try not to stress too much over your diet! Focus on others whenever you’re tempted to beat yourself up, and don’t forget, Kennedy Fitness is here to help you get right back on track the next day, whether it’s with a yoga class in Mt. Laurel or cardio boot camp in Medford.

Contact us today to sign up for a class or discuss your membership options. The team at Kennedy Fitness wishes you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!