The old-school approach to weight training focused solely on pumping iron in the form of free weights. Whereas modern weight training classes focus on core training, functional movement patterns, balance and endurance.

Some of the fitness tools used in today’s weight training classes include Kettle bells, TRX and Heavy Ropes. Cardio with weights and flexibility training are added to make fun, inspiring group training experiences that gets results.

Why weight training? Weight Training will make you stronger and increase muscular endurance. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn. Weight Training also improves metabolic rate, bone density, and lean muscle mass.

At Future Fitness we offer small group training classes led by the best instructors and trainers in the fitness industry. Here is an at-a-glance view of our weight training classes. Go to our Weight Training Section of our website to read more. Click here to check out our video, too.

Boot Camp
An intense group training class that will push you to increase stamina and strength…read more

Glutes & Abs Express
No jumping, no dancing; just sculpting for the mid-section so your… read more

Body Sculpt
A multi-level, muscle strengthening and toning …read more

Interval Training
A challenging class targeting…read more

Cardio Sculpt
Just like our Body Sculpt class, this is a multi-level, muscle strengthening and toning class but with an added cardiovascular…read more

An interval training class consisting of high reps, light & heavy…read more

Tabata training = 4 minutes intervals of large muscle group …read more

Step & Sculpt
Step and weights combine for a cardio and strength workout for all fitness levels… read more