Valentine’s day is almost here, and fitness fans (just like everyone else) are looking for something to do with their significant others. Future Fitness, one of the premier gyms in Cherry Hill, NJ and across South Jersey offers plenty of yoga classes each week. Partner yoga, which is not a class in and of itself, is just what it sounds like, it’s yoga: flows, balance poses and stretches; the difference is that these require two people instead of one. Partner yoga is great for couples because it’s an activity that requires trust and confidence in one another. It’s also great for those just trying to make friends or challenge themselves in new ways.

Double exposure portrait of woman performing yoga asana reflects unity of human and nature

Partner yoga can encompass a lot of different types of poses. Simple stretches like “Sandwich” a sole-to-sole stretch where you and your partner clasp each other’s hands, with your feet outstretched straight in front of you and shift weight, pulling your partner deeper in and out of the stretch. Balance poses like “Twin Trees,” in which partners go into a simple one-legged balance pose, side-by-side, and press their inside hands together to help each other maintain balance. There are also poses that combine the two, like “Temple Pose,” during which partners stand about a body length apart and lean forward with their torso’s to a 90-degree angle and press hands to elbows together, resulting in a balanced, deep lower back and glute stretch.

Partner Yoga promotes a sense of trust between two people. It involves more than a bit of touching though, so it’s important that both parties be comfortable with one another. It can range from basic poses that are great for those new or curious about the benefits of yoga all the way up to load-bearing balance poses that even seasoned yoga vets will find challenging. Most importantly though, it’s fun, and switching up a routine is one of the biggest keys to staying fresh and consistent.

Yoga, particularly classes in South Jersey at Future Fitness are already a ton of fun by yourself, but as human beings it’s always better to have the motivation and support of another person. Partner Yoga is a great way to spice things up and add a few new poses to your repertoire. Take it from us: You can teach a Down Dog new tricks!

If you’re interested, ask your instructor if you can try out a few partner yoga poses in your next class.