Many members of our Future Fitness Centers have seen, as one blogger/TRX trainer puts it, “that ropey, strappy thing,” and wondered, perhaps with slightly ominous overtones, what it could possibly be for.

What strikes many as an intimidating setup is our TRX Suspension training, a system invented in the Navy SEALS and used today by all four branches of the U.S. military, as well as in Olympic and professional-level athletic training. While that may make TRX seem inaccessible to a person of an average fitness level, exactly the opposite is true – TRX can be customized to individual ability levels and raised in difficulty incrementally, all the while providing an effective, full-body workout that builds up strength, flexibility, core stability and balance, all at once.

How does it work?

TRX is an assisted bodyweight workout, which uses participants’ own weight, along with the forces of gravity, to build up overall strength and endurance through muscle confusion and working every muscle group; it also helps prevent injuries by lessening impact on joints.

Straps are attached to an anchoring point (making equipment highly portable, so long as said point is available) and exercises are completed using the resistance offered by the durable cords. Intensity of workout is controlled simply by walking closer to or farther away from the anchoring point, which increases or lowers resistance.

What are the benefits?

One of the primary ways that TRX challenges trainees is in its core engagement; very few workouts or training regimes can claim the degree of core use that is accomplished through TRX. While this undoubtedly makes workouts more difficult, the benefits are myriad: a stronger core means better overall strength, improved balance and better range of motion. Because there’s no tension on joints if the exercises are completed correctly, TRX also minimizes the risk of injury.

How can I start?

Though the workup – all of the straps and cords – may seem complicated to use, in reality it takes very little time to master the equipment and begin using it to full effect.

Interested individuals can speak with a receptionist at the front desk of their Future Fitness location for a TRX demo, or schedule an appointment to meet with a trainer for more information about the benefits and workings of TRX training.