Does your significant other hug the incline bench as hard as they hug you? Do they talk to the weights as often as they talk to you? Do they get worked up when they don’t work out? Do they spend more time riding the stationary bike than they do at home?


If you’re starting to feel that your significant other is having an affair with the free weights or that you’re making room in your relationship for the elliptical machine, we may have some solutions.


  • Leave chocolate cake, cheese puffs and other junk food out for them to be tempted by when they return home from a workout.
  • Tell them that they’re getting too bulky/too lean and you’re worried that their clothes won’t fit right, specifically that jacket you got them for the holidays.
  • When you snuggle up to them, tell them that their breath smells like protein powder.
  • Create a calendar that features what days they’ll be doing what workouts and for how long, schedule yourself to do something fun (girl’s night, guy’s night, watch their favorite movie) at the same times.
  • Compare their workouts to things that other friends’ partners do in a negative light.
  • Rig the bathroom scale to read 15 pounds lighter/heavier every week so that they always think that their weight is fluctuating wildly.


But let’s be real. If your partner loves the gym in Cherry Hill, or anywhere else, you should support them in that love. If you feel that your partner is working out to a degree that is unhealthy, consider talking to them about your concerns.


Of course, studies show that partners who go to the gym together are more likely to achieve their goals and develop a better, deeper relationship. Consider going with your partner to the gym or syncing up workout schedules to spend more time together. In all likelihood, they’ll appreciate sharing something they love with you and getting a chance to show off.


If that doesn’t seem feasible, you can always mix powdered laxatives in with their protein powder.


…Don’t do that either.


When you’re ready, stop by our gym in Mt. Laurel or any of our other five locations and get started spending more time with your significant other.