Have you been getting enough sleep? If you aren’t seeing the progress that you’d like to be making in your health and weight loss goals, your sleep schedule may be the key to understanding what you’re doing wrong.

Here are five benefits of sleep that may surprise and inspire you to head to bed a little earlier tonight!


  • Help with achieving weight loss goals. Did you know that sleeping more can cut down on your need to visit our Kennedy Fitness & Wellness gym in Burlington County? Skimping on sleep can cause you to have less energy to work out, and can cause you to get lazy and skip the stairs or order fatty take out, all of which can lead to weight gain.


  • An improved complexion. Sleep is when your body has a chance to heal itself, which is why many people who get enough sleep report fewer pimples and cuts that heal more quickly than those who do not.


  • Reduced stress. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your brain can become tired and dysfunctional, leading to increased stress levels. Stress can be relieved by exercising and getting adequate sleep. Checking out your Kennedy Fitness & Wellness Cherry Hill gym class schedule and making sure that you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep are two stellar ways to reduces stress.


  • Improved memory. If you’re anxious about an upcoming exam or test at work, turning in early might be better for you than spending all night cramming. Better sleep leads to improved memory in the morning.


  • Increased immunity. Afraid of getting sick? Try heading to bed earlier! People who got at least 7 hours of sleep a night were three times less likely to become sick than those who didn’t.


Sleeping, just like exercising your body and drinking enough water, is instrumental in living a healthy life. Finding an exercise style that you love (like dancing, spinning or swim lessons in Cherry Hill), getting at least eight hours of sleep and taking time to research healthy recipes will get you back on track to your body and fitness goals.


If you wish to learn more about how getting proper sleep helps your body or sign up for one of our locations, contact our friendly team at Kennedy Fitness & Wellness today