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Corporate Wellness Programs in South Jersey

“Absenteeism costs fall about $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.”
-(Baicker et al 2010)

At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we believe that staying healthy ought to be the kind of thing that gets support, not just from friends and family but through work as well. Our corporate wellness programs benefit the residents and businesses of South Jersey by providing them with memberships, covered in part or in whole by their workplace and/or insurance. Many healthcare insurance policies support fitness memberships, subsidizing them or offering incentives to keep policyholders healthy.

Our gym provides classes and programs for dozens of businesses across South Jersey and Gloucester County. Corporate wellness doesn’t need to be costly to an employer or insurance provider; our memberships can be made affordable to everyone, regardless of company size.

With free health screenings afforded to every member of our gyms, each employee can be given an understanding of how they can improve their quality of life through working to improve their level of fitness. Health screenings aren’t the only thing that’s covered, our staff can provide nutritional planning, personal training and workplace programs to help employees stay in shape, even while they’re in the office.

Fitness Memberships Through Work

We have a location in:

  • Mullica Hill

Our facilities are easily accessible for any employee or resident in Gloucester County or the surrounding areas. For hundreds of thousands of employees, our gyms are only a short drive away.


ON-SITE GROUP FITNESS – Certified fitness instructors visit your worksite to lead employees in a variety of classes of your choosing. Get your team moving with Zumba class, take a mid-day yoga break, offer an after-hours boot camp or create your own program.

LUNCH & LEARNS – A healthy lunch is provided to your employees while they have the opportunity to listen to one of our fitness professionals talk about carefully curated topics, including but not limited to: health, wellness, exercise, lifestyle and more.

PHYSIOLOGY LECTURES – Hosted by Kennedy Fitness industry professionals, lectures include information about mechanical and physical functions of humans and their cells. Participants learn about the body’s response to exercise and how to make the most of their time and effort at the gym.

SMOKING CESSATION – You could be paying out thousands of dollars per year, per employee, to take smoke breaks on the clock. Aid your employees in kicking the habit with smoking cessation meetings. Support, tips and tricks for quitting are all discussed in a group setting.

STRESS MANAGEMENT – Total wellness includes more than simply eating healthy and exercising. Lifestyle and work-life management are equally as important to harbor productive, attentive employees. In this group, team members will learn how to handle life’s daily stresses.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING – Our licensed professionals are ready to guide your employees, in a 1-on-1 setting, towards better and more sustainable health. Learn about making healthier meal decisions, planning and preparing your food, specialty diet advice and more.

EMPLOYEE CHECK-IN REPORTS – See who is actively using their gym membership at any of our locations! A full report of employees’ check-ins allows the employer to reward team members that are taking the next step in personal health, and begin incentivizing others to get started!

WELLNESS COMMITTEE – Set up a group who is invested in keeping your workforce happy and healthy. With consultation from our certified wellness program pro, your chosen team will learn the skills it takes to organize, coordinate and implement workplace wellness initiatives.

FITNESS COACHING – Employees will benefit from fitness coaching at your worksite conducted by Kennedy Fitness’s nationally certified personal training staff. Our team will support and coach yours to reach fitness, weight and personal goals through workout plans and objective setting.

FITNESS CHALLENGES – Challenge your team to get fit and work together through a variety of different contests led by Kennedy Fitness including: Biggest Loser Step Challenge Boot Camps and more!

Increasing productivity and overall job satisfaction, a corporate wellness program is a must for any employer looking to attract and retain talent. With their exercise and health monitoring options covered either through work or under insurance, employees are more likely to stay with their employer longer. Each of our facilities carry dozens of amenities from more than 85 weekly group fitness classes to daycare services.

Interested in learning more about corporate wellness at Kennedy Fitness for employers or how employees can receive a discounted membership, covered through their work? Contact us online or give us a call at 856-478-0060.

Corporate Wellness Stats

  • “Companies with proactive wellness programs have saved an average of $700 per year per employee.”
  • “Employees become much more motivated and productive when they know that their employer cares about their total quality of life, which goes beyond traditional wellness and includes physical, emotional, financial and social health.”
    -(Martin 2013)
  • “Reduced absenteeism, happier employees and increased productivity are characteristics of a healthy, fit team.”

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