The Kennedy Fitness Approach

We agree. Location is important when considering fitness centers. But no matter how close a gym may be to your home in Voorhees or workplace near Moorestown, we’ve all found that it doesn’t keep you motivated to continue coming back for more. What fuels ongoing results is not where a gym is, but what it offers its members.

At Kennedy Fitness we’ve taken a different approach from the stereotypical big-box gyms most people have experienced. We believe that your lasting relationship with fitness starts with the best education, services, monitoring, professionals, diversity of equipment, cleanliness, opportunities and atmosphere. All of these variables should be taken into account when choosing a fitness center near Marlton that is right for you. You aren’t just investing in fitness, you are investing in yourself.


Our platform is that variety is essential to maximize results. If we don’t continually see improvement, exercise quickly loses its appeal. Continually working the same muscle fiber by doing identical movements over and over leads your body to adapt and you’ll find progress ceases (an all too familiar syndrome). With 656 muscle groups in the body and thousands of muscle fibers in each group, we need to change exercises every 4-6 weeks to maximize muscle hardening and increase fat burning or else we will plateau, leading to boredom and discontinuance.

That’s why we offer over 13 different lines of the newest technology of toning and cardiovascular equipment inside our South Jersey gyms. You won’t find that anywhere else in the country, let alone Gloucester, Camden or Burlington County. The method behind our madness is that any time you make slight changes in angle during your workout, you work new muscle fiber (you may have heard it called muscle confusion)! This raises basal metabolism, improves coordination, and increases the hardness of the muscle group being worked.

Personal Training South Jersey

Whether you’re a fitness novice in Voorhees, a guru in Marlton, or a body builder in Moorestown one thing stands true: we all need help. Exercisers across South Jersey persistently enlist our fitness centers and the professionals inside our gyms near Gloucester County to help them reach their goals. Our nationally certified personal training staff is available to carefully walk every member through a new program, every month, for an hour, for free. That’s right – Free.

But personal training isn’t the only service our members get free at our gyms. They have access to free nurses on staff who help monitor progress every month, nutritional counselors who assist in designing meal plans, over 85 free group fitness classes per week (including yoga classes, kickboxing classes in Camden County, Pilates, Spin, and ZUMBA throughout South Jersey), indoor saltwater swimming pools, and don’t forget about the 13 different lines of equipment on our exercise floors! Sign up for swim lessons near Gloucester County with our professional staff and trainers.

Serving communities from Gloucester County, through Camden and Burlington Counties, Kennedy Fitness strives to remain on the cutting edge of fitness culture. We are consistently voted the “Best of the Best in South Jersey” year after year, and most recently were awarded with having the best fitness classes available (thanks to help from all those yoga gurus in Marlton!). We provide these services to our members because it isn’t about being the best decorated, or the least expensive gym in the area. Those things don’t help YOU. We’re here to help, educate and encourage each of our members so they will get results, continue to progress and stay excited about exercise!