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If you’ve got a passion for swimming, we want YOU to be part of the team! The East Coast C-Cerpants is a team full of truly spectacular swimmers, who’s love for the sport is clearly visible to anyone that’s ever been to one of their meets!

For those who don’t know, Kennedy Fitness Medford is proud to host swim team practices for the East Coast C-Cerpants. This swim team is made up of incredibly talented individuals, who compete at the national level. Head Coach Donnie Cotter, has been building athletes to dominate the rankings of the Mid-Atlantic Region of USA Swimming.

Donnie Cotter began coaching swim because of his daughter, Alexandria. Coach Cotter understands first hand what it means to be the parent of a top notch athlete, and understands the importance of individualized attention.

He calls his method “Constructive Playtime.” Cotter believes that it is very important for children and adults to play, no matter what age or level. When playtime is used as vessel by which one can learn, the potential is limitless.

The C-Cerpants team is made up of different ages levels; each one with their own goals. The level of individual attention Cotter gives to his girls is unparalleled. He truly cares about each one, as he does his own daughter, and carefully creates a plan for them, to help them reach their potential.

Sounds great, right? But what about the results?

Coach Cotter’s daughter, Alexandria, the reason behind his becoming a coach, is a 13 year old powerhouse, with serious olympic potential. Her performance at the 2017 A/BB/C meet got her featured in the “Weekly Wonders” column, written by Michael Phelps; The column is featured in SwimSwam, a nationally published magazine! She is also Ranked #1 in MidAtlantic region of USA Swimming. She has earned 3 National Top 20 times, and 2 National Top 50 times.

Alexandria isn’t the only one making waves in USA Swimming, check out the stats of some of her teammates:

Erik Jensen (16 years old)

  • 2 National Top 100 Times
  • IMX Score is Ranked #12 in Middle Atlantic
  • IMX Score is Ranked #267 in the Nation

Megan Fox (13 years old)

  • 2 National Top 20 Times
  • 2 National Top 50 Times
  • Ranked 3rd in MA in the 1650, 1000, and 500 Fr

Alexandria Cotter (13 years old)

  • 3 National Top 20 Times
  • 2 National Top 50 Times
  • IMX Score is Ranked #2 in Middle Atlantic
  • IMX Score is Ranked #31 in the Nation

Tori Wittenberg (9 years old)

  • 1 National Top 25 Times
  • 4 National Top 50 Times
  • IMX Score is Ranked #24in Middle Atlantic
  • IMX Score is Ranked #112 in the Nation

Avery Holzer (6 years old)

  • 2017 Middle Atlantic Mini Champ with ten 1st Place Finishes
  • Ranked #1 in Middle Atlantic
  • 1 National Top 10 time
  • 3 National Top 25 times
  • 2 National Top 50 times

Contact our Aquatic Director for more information, or check out the ECCC website. You can also call or send an email to Coach Cotter: [email protected] • 609-524-4025

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