Re-opening Member Billing Questions

Since the Governor mandated the closure on March 16, Kennedy Fitness will not be billing the first 15 days upon reopening. This means that no one will be billed until September 16th, at a prorated amount for September 16th-30th. *Medford members with billing dates other than the 1st; you will not be charged for September 1st-15th.

If you need to update your billing information, please contact ABC Financial at 888-827-9262.

Members that pre-paid their membership in full will have their expiration extended depending on the amount of time that was remaining on their membership vs. the duration we were closed. Everyone will be perfectly credited with the appropriate amount of additional time.


No annual fees were collected during the mandated closure. We will be adding 5 months to each members’ original annual fee date, and then that new date will become their new annual fee date each year. Please note, however, that no one will be charged an annual fee prior to October 1.

Previous Turnersville members ONLY – if you transfer your membership to any of our other 6 locations, by Sept 15, you will receive September and October FREE OF CHARGE.

Additional Questions?

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