Happy holidays! Now that 2018 is right around the corner, you’ve probably begun to think about your resolutions. If you’re like most people, health and fitness is on the top of your priority list.

Unfortunately, each year, thousands of Americans join a gym or promise themselves that they’ll start eating better in the new year, only to find themselves abandoning their resolutions by March.

This year, Kennedy Fitness & Wellness wants to help you do things a little differently! Read on to learn our top five tips for keeping yourself on track towards your fitness goals this year.

  • Get an accountability buddy. We know that getting fit is easier with friends! Before you create a schedule of times to head to your gym in Marlton, find a friend who is also interested in getting fit this year, and hold each other accountable to your goals.
  • Track your eating habits. So you’ve signed up for a gym in Mt. Laurel, and you’re sticking to your workout regime, but you still don’t seem to be losing weight? The answer likely lies in your diet. Write down everything that you eat throughout the day for one week, and you may be surprised at how quickly calories add up!
  • Set realistic goals. Expecting to go from lying on the couch all day to running a half-marathon in a month is a quick way to guarantee that you’ll lose motivation and give up. Improving your health is a process, so try to set realistic goals for yourself. For example, you may want to lose one pound a week or challenge yourself to jog a 5K by the end of one month.
  • Eat more veggies. At mealtimes, make sure to load up your plate with vegetables! Dark-colored vegetables have plenty of taste and are loaded with fiber and good carbohydrates to keep you moving.
  • Make small changes. Putting yourself on an extreme diet increases the chances that you’ll slip back into your old habits. Instead of forcing yourself into a restrictive diet, try starting with smaller changes (like packing your lunch three days a week and swapping out an afternoon soda for water) to keep yourself motivated and on track.

We believe that 2018 is your year to make the changes you want to see in your body and your health. We at Kennedy Fitness & Wellness is here to support you! For more assistance, give us a call today at 800-875-2720.