In January, it seems that every gym is full of the New Year Resolution-ers.  By the time we get around to July though, many have fallen off the bandwagon.  If you’ve pushed through, and continue to slay those fitness resolutions, we congratulate you, and encourage you to keep it up!  But if you’re like those of us who have given up before St. Patrick’s Day, or even worse, the Super Bowl, don’t despair, there is hope for us yet!

Summer doesn’t have to be the diet and exercise killer many people believe it to be.  If you’re looking into gyms in Mt. Laurel, or any of our other five South Jersey locations, we at Future Fitness have got you covered, and are here to help you stay motivated through these summer months, and the rest of the year!  With over 85 group fitness classes per week, we are SURE we have something for everyone!  If you’re looking for yoga in Marlton, we’ve got you!  Looking for more of a cardio intensive workout, try our HIIT Hurricane, Spin, kickboxing, and cross training classes!  In addition to our amazing classes, and over 15 lines of equipment in each of our facilities, we’ve got a few tips to help you stay fit this summer!

Drink More WATER!

With the summer heat here in full blast, the need to drink more water is much higher.  With these crazy hot days, you’re more likely to be dehydrated.  If you’ve eaten a substantial meal, and find that you feel hungry just an hour or two later, try drinking a glass of water before reaching for a snack.  Many times, you’ll find that you weren’t hungry, you were thirsty!  If you still feel hungry 20 minutes after you’ve downed a glass of water, maybe you went a little too light for lunch!  Try snacking on healthy options like almonds, raw veggies, or fruits.  These snacks will keep you fuller longer, and supply your body with nutrition and calories to fuel you through the day.  Staying hydrated also helps with digestion, complexion, and mood!  A sign of dehydration is irritability, so if you feel like everyone is driving you nuts, grab a bottle of water, and feel better in no time!

Use Two Wheels Instead of Four

Take advantage of this beautiful summer weather by taking your bike out for a ride!  You’ll get your body moving in a way that won’t exhaust you.  Those spending their summer at the Jersey

Shore points can indulge by throwing away their keys in a basket until Labor Day weekend.  Traveling by bike instead of a car is both beneficial to you and the environment.  Try taking a ride around town, and see how peaceful and relaxing it can be!

Track Your Food

They say abs are made in the kitchen and they would be right! Eating healthy, nutritious food is just as

important as making sure you get a workout in!  An easy way to get thinking about the food you’re eating is by tracking all the food and drink you are eating throughout the day.  With dozens of apps that help you track your food, the help is literally at your fingertips!  Tracking your food can help you develop better eating habits, and even inspire you to get excited about healthy meal options!

Set a Weekly Workout Goal

Set a workout goal for yourself each week.  If you set a goal of three 1 hour workouts in a week, try to plan out which days you will fit a workout in.  Planning ahead like this makes it easier for you to actually follow through.  We know that trying to find time to work out between work, family, and social events can be tough, but if you plan ahead, and bring your gym clothes to work, you’ll be able to make fitness a priority.  If you’re new to the gym, try and get there once this week, and shoot for twice the following week.  Keep setting attainable goals, and you’ll feel that much better when you reach them, no matter how small!  When you achieve your goal, not only are you making fitness a priority, you’ll get a boost in self-esteem and motivation.

Get yourself a Gym Buddy

Seriously, do it!  Even the most disciplined people falter every once in a while.  Find a gym buddy to help motivate you when the couch is calling.  In addition to helping you get your butt to the gym, working out with a friend is just more fun.  You can keep each other motivated during the workout, and push each other to go a little bit further than they think they can.  They keep you accountable, and you do the same for them.  Knowing someone is counting on you will make you more motivated to show up.

These five tips to help you prioritize your health are just a few helpful suggestions.  If you’re craving some more tips, check out the other articles on our blog!

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