One of the most convenient ways for health enthusiasts to pack some nutrients into their day is with a healthy breakfast smoothie. Smoothies are quick to prepare and can be loaded with vital minerals, vitamins and fiber to keep you on track with your nutrition goals. While ready-to-go smoothie options that are available at gas stations, fast food restaurants and grocery stores seem like a smart choice, they can be loaded with tons of sugar and other ingredients that actually promote weight gain. The trick to an energizing and healthy smoothie is in the ingredients!

Smoothies can be a wonderful tool for weight loss, because you can control what goes into them and how much of each ingredient you want to have. They are refreshing after a tiring morning workout, especially during the warmer spring months and the heatwaves of the summer. Smoothies can vary dramatically in flavor profile too; you can make anything from blueberry-banana, to pineapple-mango or even apple-kale!

To get the benefit of condensed nutrients without all the calories, make one at home using these five Future Fitness Centers tips to pump up your breakfast smoothie game:

  1. Use Cottage Cheese: Instead of milk or almond milk as a liquid in your smoothies, use cottage cheese to amp up the protein.
  1. Add Spinach to Fruit Smoothies: The addition of spinach to fruit-based smoothies will contribute more fiber without you having to sacrifice its taste.
  1. Add Ground Flaxseed: You can add ground flaxseed to any smoothie to increase the healthy fat content without changing the flavor too much. Those who do not like the consistency of ground flaxseeds can substitute it with flaxseed oil for the same effect.
  1. Use Spices: Just a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger in smoothies can really add a depth of flavor you’ll appreciate if you get bored of your usual choice.
  1. Freeze your Fruit: Putting your fruit in the freezer the night before you plan on making a smoothie will allow you to skip the ice, which avoids a watery consistency and weak taste.

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