At Kennedy Fitness & Wellness, we know that improving your fitness and getting healthy is about more than spending endless hours in the gym. Our staff believes that the secret to getting fit and losing weight is to make sustainable lifestyle changes that you can keep up with while still enjoying everything that makes your life wonderful.

Kennedy Fitness & Wellness is more than just your everyday gym in Marlton. Here are a few of the unique services that we offer to support your dreams and help you achieve your goals.

  • Free personal training. With one free personal training session per month, personalized health programs, and instruction from a certified personal trainer, Kennedy Fitness & Wellness is the leading source for comprehensive personal training in Camden County.
  • Free medical monitoring. Once a month, our nurses will weigh you, track your heart rate and chart your percentage of body fat. Together, they will help you create attainable goals and monitor your progress.
  • Free nutritional counseling. Is your diet hurting your fitness goals? Learn all about proper nutrition through our free nutritional counseling program.
  • Over 85 free group fitness classes. If you’re the type who loves to try new things, you’ll never be bored at Kennedy Fitness & Wellness. From Zumba to yoga to kickboxing, there’s always a fun way to get fit with our team.
  • A variety of equipment. Working the same groups of muscles over and over again is one of the quickest ways to lead yourself to injury. With 12 different lines of equipment available from Kennedy Fitness & Wellness, you’ll be able to vary your workout and see the changes that you’re looking for over time.
  • Saltwater pools. A healthier choice that’s better for your skin, our gyms offer aquatics, swimming lessons and water weight training without the harmful chemicals of chlorine pools.

Now is the perfect time to make the unique choice and sign up for a membership at one of our seven locations. Give us a call today at 800-875-2720 to get started!