If you’ve been to our gym in Mt. Laurel or any of our other five locations recently, you’ve likely noticed that the new year has officially kicked off. Each year, gyms across the country are flooded with those who take up a new year’s resolution, only to drop it in a few weeks.


If you’re fighting the urge to go back to life without the gym, know that you started this journey for a reason. Whether you’re returning to the gym with the intention to stick around or just getting into fitness for a new chapter in your life, those first few weeks can make or break a habit.


Maintaining your resolution isn’t the easiest thing for most people, and there’s no shame in admitting that you aren’t as motivated to work out as you were when you first started. Even people who have maintained a regimented gym schedule for years still need a little extra push sometimes. Here are a few recommendations to keep you on track:


  • Get a personal training session – When exercisers feel they’ve plateaued or that they aren’t making progress fast enough, one of the best things they can do is turn to a professional. A personal trainer can correct any issues you may have with form, encourage you to push harder and help you understand the best exercises for your goals.
  • Take a class – A group fitness class is a massive motivator, participants form friendships and depend on one another for encouragement. A class gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill and gives you a few set times a week to make sure that you’re in the gym.
  • Get a fitness buddy – Bringing someone along for your fitness journey creates a deeper relationship, whether you bring a friend, family member or partner. Because this person is close to you, you’ll be motivated to get in the gym because you don’t want to let them down.
  • Get a check-up – The nurses at Future Fitness can monitor your health to keep you informed of the changes that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Finding out that your blood pressure has gotten better can be an extra push to keep up the good work.
  • Take pictures – Keep track of the changes in your body by taking pictures of yourself in you workout gear every few weeks, then compare them with the previous set. In a month or two, you’re likely to note some visible differences between the first set of pictures and the most recent.
  • Learn – The Internet is filled with blogs (similar to this one) about fitness. Learning more about how to workout and achieve your goals can give you another reason to get back in the gym.


Sgt. Shakyra S. Parrish stretches on a track Nov. 3 at Kadena Air Base. She considers warming up and stretching therapeutic and an essential part of running. Parrish is the supply administration chief with Consolidated Combat Camera, G-3/5, operations and training, Marine Corps Installations Pacific.


To get more tips on how to stay motivated or learn about our kickboxing classes in Cherry Hill, stop by the front desk of one of our locations or talk to a personal trainer.