If you’ve been working out at our gym in Voorhees, NJ, or at any of our other five locations, you might be dreading the upcoming October holiday. While Halloween may provide a great opportunity to get dressed up and show off your progress, it’s also an opportunity to binge on candy and knock yourself off-track.

A few candy bars won’t have a serious impact on your fitness goals; a week of leftover candy, however, might slide you up a few pounds on the scale. The prospect of halloween candy abundance, and the ensuing sales on November 1st has left many an exerciser wondering “which candies will do the least harm”?


Here are a few sweet options that will minimize damage to a fitness regimen.


Figamajigs– Derived from figs, this candy bar has a bargain basement calorie value (130) and packs fiber as well as protein. More fun than a protein bar, but with a distinctive candy taste, this is one of your best options for getting through the holiday unscathed.


York Peppermint Patties– This handful of candy contains only 140 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Peppermint naturally calms the stomach and the appetite so this refreshing candy can be a good option to stop a binge before it starts.


Mounds– This chocolatey, coconut-y bar glides just below the 200 calorie mark, coming in at 195. Two grams of protein doesn’t redeem 11 grams of fat, but put still puts it far ahead of other options.


100 Grand– Despite its confectionery taste, the bar named for high numbers has a modest caloric value, only 180 calories. eight grams of fat isn’t exactly low, but for an exceptionally rich flavor, this isn’t a bad option.


M & M Minis– eating them piece by piece, the miniaturized candies can feel like a large serving at a single ounce. Packing 150 calories and seven grams of fat, the candy-coated chocolate can satisfy a sweet-tooth in a pinch without packing a punch to a diet.


Looking for a healthier treat alternative? Try out toasted pumpkin seeds or yogurt-dipped frozen fruit.


To know where you stand before trick-or-treaters are standing at your door, visit our fitness centers in South Jersey for health and nutrition monitoring.