Different types of people like different types of vacations. Some look to camping in the wilderness, others look to getting some sun on the beach, still others enjoy sightseeing in places abroad. Here are a few places where you can enjoy some relaxation and some vigorous exercise.1280px-Sunset,_Barbados_(6885760644)


For The Beach-Goer

Going to the shore can certainly be nice for a quick weekend, but for something a bit more exotic, you can always try out Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. In Santa Teresa (and nearby Hermosa) you can find beautiful beaches for relaxation, but the real attraction is what’s in the water. Santa Teresa is one of the best places to learn to surf, with instructors available for one-on-one classes, you can get a workout with the waves. Costa Rica’s beautiful brush and natural wonders also mean that fun activities like ziplining are yours for the taking. The nightlife is family-friendly too, so you can learn to surf by yourself or with anyone else.


For The Wilderness Lover

If the allure of the great outdoors is more your speed, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula offers untouched beauty and exercise options that are challenging even for triathletes. Bike paths that stretch for miles around Anchorage, coastal forest hikes, and even kayaking around Yukon Island. Alaska isn’t for the faint of heart or those who prefer more tropical climates, but it does afford you a number of scenic and exuberating ways to stay in a fitness regimen.


For The Water-Loving Yoga Fan

The Bahamas have long been a famed vacation spot. The warm weather, white sand beaches and crystal blue waters are attractive to all vacation-goers. For those who enjoy our yoga classes in Medford, NJ, you don’t have to spend your entire vacation in Shavasana. There are a number of yoga clinics that take place on the beach at various hours throughout the day. Other options on the island include snorkeling, kayaking and beach hikes.


For The Running Sight-Seer

If you’ve wanted to see more of the U.S., there are currently 11 major cities offering running tours, including New York. Get to see some of the major landmarks across the nation and next time you see them in theaters you can say “Hey, I ran there”!


While our yoga classes in Marlton, NJ, offer a brief getaway from stress, sometimes it’s good to stay away a little longer. If you’re thinking of taking a vacation but still want to stay active while you’re there, look into these locations.