Our members know that at Future Fitness Centers, their comfort throughout their experience at any of our seven locations is our top priority. Many gyms promise to deliver certain perks, benefits, or atmospheres (“judgement free zones” come to mind) but either fail to follow through, or else drop the proverbial ball on another, equally important aspect of their facility. We don’t believe that gym members should expect to pay outrageously expensive monthly rates just to guarantee certain standards. We’ve carefully written the following Future Fitness Center rules and regulations according to our own conception of an ideal gym atmosphere, and can promise that we stick to them in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all our members.


  1. Only water is permitted on the exercise floor. No food, gum or colored drinks may be consumed on the exercise floor. This helps to avoid spills that can put machines out of order or leave unpleasant, sticky residues where they may be encountered by other gym users. Members are welcome to keep any non-water liquids or snacks in their lockers.


  1. Bags are not permitted on the exercise floor. Bags can be a tripping hazard, and also take up floor and bench space that could otherwise accommodate gym members. To avoid clutter and risk of injury, we have prohibited bags from exercise areas.


  1. No slamming or dropping of the weights. All weights must be returned to their proper place. Aside from being common courtesy, re-racking weights is a simple step that all gym members can take to help the next lifter enjoy their experience without having to struggle to clear the previous user’s set. Although weightlifting is an activity accessible to anyone and an excellent way to achieve overall fitness, it has developed an intimidating reputation in part due to the stereotypically aggressive behavior of certain subsets of gym members. We want our free weights area to be a comfortable place for all our members, and disruptive behavior is strictly prohibited.


  1. No loud or inappropriate noise is permitted in the club. Visiting a health club isn’t just about fitness – it’s about mental well-being, too! We know our members see their time at the gym as an opportunity to unwind, and so we strive to maintain a respectful environment that contributes to this mindset. You won’t find any screaming/grunting from bodybuilders, nor blasted cell phone music, at Future Fitness Centers.


  1. Adequate-sized towels must be used on all equipment. Using towels on the machine helps maintain a sanitary environment, and also cuts down on cleanup time after use.


  1. Headsets must be used with all music and televisions. Imagine if everyone played their television or iPod on full blast! To maintain everyone’s sanity (and to go with rule #4), we expect all members to enjoy their entertainment through personal headphones.


  1. For the privacy and security of our members and staff, the taking of photographs and/or video recording is prohibited throughout the facility. We feel as if this policy is self-explanatory; any questions can be directed to the manager of your Future Fitness Center.


  1. Members must shower before entering the swimming pool or spa. This rule is strictly enforced in order to ensure sanitary conditions in our pool and spa area, for the benefit of all members.


  1. Dress code – Clean T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, exercise leotards, athletic shorts and sneakers. No belt buckles, riveted attire (i.e. jeans), work clothes or work boots, bare feet, sandals, moccasins, flip-flops or open-toed shoes are permitted. These restrictions are put in place both to maintain a gym-appropriate atmosphere as well as ensure the safety of members. Garments such as belt buckles run a risk of catching on machines and causing injury to the wearer; inappropriate footwear and bare feet are also an injury risk, and can also create unsanitary conditions.


  1. Members are not permitted to conduct personal training sessions for other members.Besides raising issues of personal liability, we have the utmost confidence in the methods of the trainers we employ, and know the importance of keeping business and personal life separate.